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The Seven Administrations

The Seven Administrations

The word “Administrations” refers to “Terms”, as in “Periods of Time”. These were periods of many, many years, varying greatly in duration, in God’s Timetable and plan for mankind. They span all of man’s existence, from the very first of mankind, Adam and Eve, all the way to the End Times, and into the restoration of Paradise, which will last forever.   It is important and useful to have some understanding of these administrations, as it helps us to understand the nature of God, our Father, and our relationship with him as sons and daughters of God. There were various Laws, conditions, allowances and availabilities to mankind, which varied between and across these 7 administrations in time. It is essential to not only understand the past, as...

Reformers – Standing for God and His people

This is a teaching I shared at Fellowship, on the topic of Reformation. Please feel to Download, Print and/or Share this teaching with others. It can be downloaded in PDF format via the link below: (▼Reformation Teaching Download▼) Sections in this Biblical Teaching: 1) Introduction 2) Earlier examples of Reformation 3) The Reformation in Europe 4) Encouragement for Believers Today 1) Introduction The dictionary meaning of the word “Reformation” is: The act of reforming, or the state of being reformed. The meaning of the word “Reformed” is: Amended by removal of faults, abuses… Improved in conduct, morals… Essentially, it is the improvement of something that is faulty or improper.   For example, a country can slowly destroy itself, by the...

Did God really tell Abraham to Kill his own son?

Did God really tell Abraham to Kill his own son?

Have you ever deeply wonder about why God would instruct Abraham to kill his own son? Well, you probably should. Isaac was a good young man; the son whom God promised to Abraham. If it is true that God really did instruct Abraham to kill Isaac, then that instruction alone would apparently contradict with so many other parts of the Bible, as well as our understanding of God, as a loving caring Father. If God instructed you to do the same to your child, would you? Would God force us to make such a difficult and heart-breaking decision, especially when the child has done nothing to deserve this? Let us take a very close look at what the Bible says, concerning this controversial command from God. What you learn here… may truly surprise you! Sections in this Biblical...

Angels – What are they?
What do they do?

Angels – What are they? What do they do?

Angels are very popular in modern culture. Almost every Christian at some point in time, wonder about what angels really look like, what are they doing every day, and how do they impact our lives. I’ll try to give you the answers to many curious questions about angels, which many of us have been wondering about all our lives. Sections in this Biblical Teaching: 1) What are Angels and Why do they Exist? 2) Characteristics and Facts about Angels 3) Archangels 4) High Ranking Angels 5) Guardian Angels 6) Identifying Good and Bad Angels 7) Other Heavenly Beings 1) What are Angels and Why do they Exist? Angels are one of God’s marvelous creations. They have existed before the time of Adam and Eve, and still exist today. They are Spirit beings, and do not have...

The True Meaning and Origin of Easter

The True Meaning and Origin of Easter

Easter, what does it truly mean? Where did Easter originate from? Is Easter truly a Christian celebration? I shall answer all of these interesting questions in this teaching. Easter is wide-spread and world-wide. Celebrated by Billions of people each year, it is peculiar that these questions of Easter’s origins are not asked often enough by its participants. It is always important to have a decent understanding about any religious festival that you make a yearly part of your life. You need to be able to understand what significance these celebrations has concerning God, and if they are in-line with what the Bible says. Sections in this Biblical Teaching: 1) Modern-day Interpretation of Easter 2) Is Easter mentioned in the Bible? 3) The True Origin of...

How does one become a Christian?

This is an important question that most people simply do not pay attention to. They usually simply accept the words and rituals of any local Pastor or Priest they visit, and believe that by following their given instructions, they will be led into a life of Christianity. Of course, who better to go to for Spiritual Advice; a Pastor or Priest, not so? Well, the problem is, most Biblical Teachers today are either false, or wrongly informed on what they are teaching. So it’s hard to blame an individual for seeking a reputable Biblical authority for all the answers to a Christian lifestyle. In this teaching I will attempt to explain as clearly as possible, how to become a Christian, and how to live a Christian lifestyle. My teaching is not so much my own opinion on...

The Birth of Jesus Christ

For many ages, the Birth of Jesus Christ our Saviour has been widely publicized as being on December 25th, 1BC. Thus we celebrate Christmas Day annually on December 25th. However, through research of the Biblical Scriptures, recorded facts and an understanding of Old Eastern customs in the time of Jesus Christ, the exact date of Jesus’ birth has been revealed. In this teaching I will cover the generations leading up to Jesus Christ, explain what happened at the time of Jesus’ birth, explore the history behind the Wise men and Herod, and explain how biblical researchers have uncovered a more accurate date of Jesus’ birth. Sections in this Biblical Teaching: 1) The Significance of Jesus Christ’s birth 2) The lineage of Jesus Christ 3) Mary’s divine...